Battery Usage Tips for BlackBerry

Below are some tips on how to extend the battery usage time for your BlackBerry:

1. Turn the screen brightness down to the lowest setting, and set the Backlight Timeout to 20 or 30 seconds:

  • Go to Options > Screen/Keyboard
  • Set the Backlight Brightness setting to the lowest setting
  • Set the Backlight Timeout to 20 or 30 seconds

2. Turn off options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not needed.

3. Configure the Auto On/Off option (Options > Auto On/Off) to turn the device off when you go to sleep, and come back on when you wake up.

4. Purchase a case or holster that has a magnet which puts the device in standy when inside the case or magnet. When the BlackBerry is in standby mode it saves battery power.

5. If you are in a weak reception area, disable the wireless radio until you are in a better coverage area. This will prevent the wireless radio from constantly checking for a better signal.

These tips should help improve the amount of time you get from your battery.


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  1. sam on

    that’s vetry good,I tink I have better way to improve my battery

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